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Events for this calendar should include the following criteria:
  • Events should be targeted toward families with children in the PJ Library and PJ Our Way demographic (i.e. expectant parents through parents of pre-teens/teens).
  • Open to families who are not members (if you are a membership institution)
  • Free or low-cost
  • Requires little or no prior Jewish knowledge to access or participate
  • Does not require commitment
Submission guidelines:
  • Please include your organization in the Event Name itself, e.g. "Family Fun Day at Temple Shalom" or "Temple Shalom's Family Fun Day".
  • You must include a 1-2 sentence description of the event. Event descriptions like: "PJ Library story time" and "Family Shabbat service" are not sufficiently descriptive.
  • Make sure your description is welcoming, and explain any words or phrases that could be confusing or barriers for new families.
  • Please include a link to the page on your organization's website that features the event and/or the event listing on your Facebook page.  
  • We generally do not list fundraisers or gala dinners - family-friendly fundraising events like a "Fun Run", 5K, or bowl-a-thon may be listed.
  • Event listings must be in English - our site does not support Hebrew or Cyrillic. 
  • Submission of an event does not guarantee inclusion in the calendar. Publication of events can take up to 3 business days.

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This should be a tweet-length description of your event! Max 160 characters.
The more details the better. What kind of food? Are siblings allowed? What kind of activities will there be?

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